Positive Parenting for Muslim Women (Diamond)

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This is an 8 week intensive Positive Parenting Online course tailored specifically for Muslim Women with kids below the age of 10. You have lifetime access to the course and the curriculum covers the following modules:

SELF-CARE FOR JANNAH MOMS: In this module, you would:

  • Destroy preconceived parenting beliefs that you are not aware exists in your subconscious so you can show up as the Mom you desire to be and the one your kids deserve.
  • Rediscover YOU as an individual Sis
  • Learn how to regulate and manage your emotions to reduce the yelling, nagging, anger and overwhelm so you don’t feel tempted to just run away from it all
  • Design YOUR Self-Care plan because you can’t pour from an empty cup Sis


  • Create your parenting GPS by setting the right goals for parenting in alignment with the Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Learn about the different parenting styles and understand the impact of your current parenting style, discover yours and develop a correction or improvement plan
  • Understand the qualities and attributes of Successful Mothers in line with the Sunnah
  • Harness the power of your Dua as a mother so you can start piling them up ahead for your darlings


  • Understand how your children think and feel; their development at each stage of their growth from toddlers to preschoolers and schoolagers so that you can meet their emotional needs exactly at their stage of development
  • Discover your children’s temperament and how they impact your children’s personality so that you can tailor your parenting strategies to the particular temperament of each child and feel more effective as parents
  • Develop emotional regulation skills in your kids to help them effectively manage and respond to a range of different emotional states
  • Learn how to develop an Islamic Personality and Nurture Iman in our children and not leave it to some future date and person to do the job for us hoping that spirituality and morality will somehow filter in


  • Understand the positive discipline approach to parenting; why punishments and rewards don’t work and how to get into your child’s world to understand what works and what doesn’t work long term
  • Understand why children misbehave and how we can address both the misbehavior and the root cause of the misbehavior.
  • Learn 16 parenting tools in the positive discipline toolbox that are empowering and encouraging to you and to your children which you can use for different teachable moments.
  • Put it all together.

You also get access to the following Bonuses:

JANNAH MOMS SOLUTION TOOLBOX (VALUE $150) which includes quick trainings on

  • Handling Screen Time
  • Taming Temper Tantrums
  • Transforming Sibling Rivalry to Love
  • Time Management for Busy Moms and
  • How to Promote Positive Self Esteem in your Children

Lifetime Access to a Facebook Support Group with 8 weeks group coaching available twice a year(Value $1600 per Annum): This gives you Lifetime access to the Positive Parenting for Muslim Women Online Course Facebook Support Group. Additional support via group coaching in the group during the 8 weeks course duration; you can participate in the group coaching every February and September In shaa Allah

Free Access to the Parenting for Jannah Academy for one year (Value $3600): This includes exclusive monthly positive discipline tool trainings, bi-weekly town hall sessions, quarterly guest trainings, quarterly implementation challenges, a book club and a private community to help you improve the love and connection in your home by implementing positive parenting principles and strategies— open in July 2021

7 Master Classes taught by the following Experts:

  • Develop an Islamic Growth Plan by Amina Oke of Raising Mumeens
  • The Art of Quran Journalling Masterclass by Jameela Ho of Muslim parenting
  • How to have Crucial Conversations that transform every Relationship by Aisha Dahiru Atta of An Affluent Heart
  • Protecting your Child’s Mental Health by Ruqoyyah Ogunbiyi of Sane Mind
  • Mom/Life Balance by Kemi Bawa-Allah of Spapamperingathome
  • First Aid for Little Humans by Dr Zainab Mimi Yaro of AskDrMims
  • Barakah Living Online Course by Dr Samiah Oyekan Ahmed of The Pearl Muslimah Network

You also get

  • Free One Year Subscription to the Halal Parenting Magazine and
  • Free Digital Copies of Ayeina Gratitude and In Jannah I want Journals